短文改錯 (一)


One day, Liu Mei was on her way town. 1_________

She wanted to go to the cinema. On the

way she met a old woman. The old woman 2_________

wanted to see her husband. He was ill

in the hospital. 3_________

And she didn’t know the way to the hospital.

Liu Mei asked a policeman. He told her to

by a No. 72 bus. Liu Mei took the old 4________

woman to the hospital. When the old

woman looked her husband, Liu Mei left 5________

the hospital. She did not wait for their thanks.


One day Mr. White stayed very late in his

friend’s home. When he returned home at ten,

Mrs White was sitting at table, waiting for 1________

him. She didn’t look angrily. Instead she asked 2________

him if he wanted to eat anything. Then he

went to bed. Five hours passed. Suddenly the

clock was made loud noises. He got up in a hurry. 3________

After he looked at the clock, he shouted at his

wife and asked her when she did that. “oh, dear,” 4________

she answered, “ If this takes you five hours to get 5________

home from work, you’ll spend the same time on

your way to the factory. I don’t hope you are late.”


A young British woman went to Hong Kong

to work, and first when she arrived, she knew 1_______

nothing about Chinese customs and language.

On her way to school one day, she went to the bank 2_______

to get some money. To his surprised, the man in the 3_______

bank asked her if she had had her lunch. She was

surprised at such question because in her country 4_______

people would think of it as an invitation for lunch.

Between young people it can also show about

that the man is interested with the girl. 5_______


My daughter Jane, never thought of receive 1_______

a letter from a girl in France. Last year,

we were traveling through the English Channel, 2_______

Jane put a piece of paper had her name and address 3_______

on it in a bottle. She threw the bottle into the sea.

She hardly forgot it again, but about ten months

later, she accepted a letter from a girl in France. 4________

both girls now write to each other often, but they

decide to use the post office. Letters will cost

little more, but they will certainly travel faster. 5________


Mrs Mills often spends too much money

in clothes. She does not need so many clothes, 1________

but she loves buying it. Yesterday she saw a 2________

beautiful coat in a shop window. She went in

and asked the shop assistant to show it to her.

She had it on, and it was just the right size, 3_________

but it cost very expensive. Mrs Mills did not 4_________

have enough money, so she took the coat home

and showed it her husband. He liked it very much, 5_________



In the evening of last Tuesday, my father was hurrying home 1._________

by bike after work. It was dark outside. He doesn’t notice a tree 2._________

in front of him. He was hit the tree and fell down to the ground. 3.________

He was hurt badly to stand up himself. Just then, a young man 4. ________

passed there and took himself to the hospital. 5. ________


In December 1952, a very thick cloud came down over London.

It was worst smog Londoners had ever had. 1.­­­­________

You can’t see your 2.________

own hand in front of you.Near fifty people died in road accidents. 3.________

After 3 weeks, the smog slowly began to lift. Life in London began

to return back to normal(正常). But in the next weeks and months, 4._______

over four thousands people died as a result of the smog. 5._______


As a traffic policeman, I had often heard the excuse told by the drivers 1._______

whose drive speed is too fast. One cold winter evening, when I was at 2._______

work, a new car passed by mine in a surprising speed. I tried to catch up 3._______

with it and finally stopped the car. A young man got out of his car, said 4._______

that he was taking the patient to hospital. I let the man go . But suddenly

I heard “the patient” in the car shouted angry, “It’s you that should be sent 5.______

to hospital.”


One day, a dentist was starting his morning work. Suddenly a man ran in. His face

was red and he could only say “Quick! Quick!” The dentist thinks the man must 1________

have a toothache. The nurse helped to let him sit in a chair. The dentist gave him 2________

any medicine to make him sleep. Then he looked into the man’s mouth and pulled 3.________

out all the bad tooth. As soon as the man woke up, he said in a low voice, “Quick! 4.________

Doctor, quick!” “ That’s all right now,” the dentist told him, “ It’s over.” “ You don’t

understand,” said the man, “ I came tell you your house was on fire.” 5.________


It was the weekend at last, and if it was raining or not, David and Joy were going 1.________

to have a trip. They had a small boat and was going to row to a small island in the 2.________

middle of the lake. The island was very a small one and had only a few trees and 3.________

most of the ground was too hard for them to walk. As they looked around, they 4.________

knew this adventure (冒險) was not going to be as easy as they planned. 5.________



Plants grow well in spring and summer because

the weather is warm with a lot of rains. When autumn 1.____________

comes, the weather become cool and dry. Plants grow slowly 2.____________

in autumn. Some of them even die after winter comes. But 3.___________

some plants still live in winter. In autumn their leaves turned 4.___________

yellow and fall. So they don’t lose as more water through their 5.____________

leaves as they do in spring and summer. When spring comes,

new leaves will grow out.


Dear Bob,

Hello.I learnt about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang.

I’d like to your friend and get to know more about your country. 1.__________

First,let me tell you something about myself. My name is

Li Hua.I live in Beijing.It is capital of China.I go to No.3 Middle 2.___________

School four miles away from my home.We study many subjects,

such as maths,Chinese,English and history. I play ping-pong a lot of 3.__________

and I’m interesting in football,too.Do you play any ball games? What’s 4.___________

your favourite sport? I hope to hear from you fast. 5.___________


Li Hua


There are many rivers in Great Britain, and they are not very long.

The rivers which run to the east are longer than the one which run to the 1.__________

west. The Thames is one of the longest rivers in England. It’s a very

beautiful river.It’s on the south of the country and runs to the east 2.__________

into the sea.London being the capital of Great Britain is on the Thames.

London is a very old city.Today it is one of the largest city in Europe. 3.___________

Most than nine million people live there. The port of London is very 4.__________

busy.Ships from all the countries go up and down across the Thames. 5.___________


The earth, our home, is very important to all of us. Nobody can live

with her. So all of us love her very much. We should care for her. We’d 1.__________

better to plant more trees and flowers to make the earth much more _2.__________

beautiful. If we study hard, we can learn many knowledge on the earth 3.___________

and we can care for her much better. I hope the earth to become 4.___________

a large family. There are no wars, only friendship and happy. 5.___________


An old man was walking slow along the street when he saw 1. ________

a little boy trying to reach a doorbell. It was too high for him. He was

a kind-hearted man, because he stopped and said, “I’ll ring the bell 2.________

for you.” And then he pushed it very hard that it could be heard all 3.________

over the house. The little boy looked at him and said “Now we must

run away. Come on!” And before the old man knew what was happened, 4.________

the boy had run round the corner of the street and appeared. 5.________

5.slow---slowly because---so very---so was---\ appeared---disappeared



Newton was a great science. He thought only about 1.____________

his work. One day he was hungry. He wanted to have an egg.

Then he takes out an egg from the box. He wanted to boil the 2.____________

egg for three minutes. But he thinking about a problem, 3.____________

so that he put his watch into the hot water. He stood there 4.___________

and waited. When the servant came into, she saw Newton 5.____________

was boiling his watch, but the egg was in his hand.


It is a lunch time. I am hungry. So I have four hamburgers 1._______

and some chips from the USA. Then some English porridges and a big 2._______

sandwich of bread, meat and fish. I want Chinese food, either. So I have 3._______

some different vegetables and a large bowl of rice. I drink France 4._______

coffee and English tea. After that, I have a glass of milk … Oh, dear!

I have to run to the toilet … And then I know a lesson …

Don’t eat too many. 5.________


Many people go to school for an education. They learn languages,

history, science subjects and math. Others go to school to learn a skill

such that they can make a living. School education is 1._________

very important and useless. Yet no one can learn everything 2._________

from school. A teacher, matter how much he knows, cannot teach his 3._________

students everything they want to know. His hob is to show his students

how to learn. He teaches them how to read and how to think. So,

much more is to be learned outside school by the students himself. 4._________

It is always the more important to know how to study by oneself 5._________

than to learn some facts or formulas(公式) by heart.


Last Friday, I was on my way to work while I saw a woman 1._________

crying near the station. I went up to her and ask why. She told 2._________

me sadly that her purse was missed and that she didn’t have 3._________

enough money to buy a ticket. I felt sorry for her and gave her some

money. After work I passed by the station, I was surprised to see

the woman still staying at a same place, asking somebody for 4._________

more money. “the woman must be a cheat.” I said to myself angry. 5._________

“How stupid I am!”


Sometimes people also don’t say exactly that they mean. 1._________

For example, when someone asks “Do you agree?” The others 2.__________

person may be thinking “yes, I don’t agree. I think you wrong.” 3.__________

But it sounds very impolite. So he may say, “I do not sure.” It is 4.__________

nice way to say that you disagree. 5.__________











Mr husband 96-year-old grandmother came to live __________

with us for many years of independence.We did __________

all the thing we could to make her feel comfortable __________

in our home,including giving her the private line for __________

her bedroom.One evening” we are having a party __________

while the phone rang.It was a telephone operator __________

that asked,“Do you have a grandmother upstairs?’’ __________

“Yes,”my husband replied.“Well,”the __________

operator again continued,“She can’t remember __________

your phone number,and she like a cup of tea.”__________


In many countries around world,more and more people __________

live in cities.Cities shares many characteristics,but __________

are also difference from country to country. __________

Mexico’s cities are modern and have traditional Indian __________

and Spanish influences.The most important building __________

are around a central square,which also serves a place __________

to meet with friends. There are outdoor marketplaces,__________

where people can find almost nothing they need. __________

On Sundays,parks are a popular place to family outings.__________

Many people move to Mexico City from rural areas.It is __________

a 1ot of excitement,but also lots of traffic and air pollution.__________


As is known,that is interesting to teach children to __________

swim while they are still babies.Most the large towns in __________

Florida and California have already run particularly lessons for __________

babies.The idea has quickly spread to Europe from, where__________

in several countries,special courses are now offered to __________

the children who are from 7 to 24 month old.__________

The first step is to have child get rid of fear of __________

water.Next,he is teaching to float in water.0nce he __________

can do that naturally and can swim with fear,the child can __________

master the technique and push him forward through the water __________


I often read English aloud and trying to learn something __________

important in heart.It helps me remember what I have learned __________

and form good habit of thinking in English.I listen __________

a lot and communicate with the others in English.__________

In this way,I improved both my listening ability and my __________

speaking English.I keep a diary in English every __________

day and my written English is becoming better and __________

better.I also try my best master the necessary grammar __________

knowledge.By this means,I can express me __________

correctly.That’s why I have been 1earning English.__________


Dear Lily,

I got your letter and pleased to hear about your job __________

interview at a grocery store.I know you wanted to __________

get a job at the TV station,and you’ve been 1ooking __________

for several week now and haven’t found anything.__________

The job at the grocery store doesn’t sound badly.If I __________

am you,I’d take it If you worked there a while,you __________

could earn some money.Its your decision,of course, __________

but I advise you to take it.Let me to know what you __________

decided to do.By the way,after you get the job you __________

can think about get a bike later. __________


Dear Abby:

How are you? I’ve got a wonderful news to tell you. __________

I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia formy __________

further education.0ne hundred and twenty Students took exam __________

for it, but only a few were chosen and I was one of them.Therefore,__________

my parents are not happy about it.They are strong. against my __________

going there.They say it is too far away that they will not see me __________

for a whole year and they are afraid of I will feel 1onely.They __________

can’t imagine a girl so young live alone.They advise me to study __________

in the capital instead.Then I’ll be able to continue living with them.__________

How can I persuade them to accept the fact I have grownup? __________

Best Wishes,



I went to see film after supper.0n my way to the __________

cinema,I met an old English woman,she had lost her __________

way.I gave up the chance to see the film,walking towards __________

her and took her to her hotel.While go there,I to1d her __________

great change had taken place in the past few years and she __________

told me something about Britain and her family.__________

Though I missed the film,however I felt very happy,__________

for I not only helped the old lady out from trouble buta1so __________

practise my spoken English.If I hadn’t worked hard at __________

English,I would have been able to help her.__________


It was time for breakfast. Mr and Mrs Beer were 1. __________

sitting at the table and waiting their daughter Jennet 2. __________

to return back from work.It was late.The parents 3. __________

are worried about her.At last she came home and told 4. __________

them what was happened.While she was shopping in a 5. __________

crowded shop after work, the thief picked her pocket, 6. __________

pushing the crowd,and ran away.What could she do? She 7. __________

had to ask a police on duty for help and he got back her 8. __________

money.Hearing this,Mrs Beer insisted that Jennet could not go 9. __________

shopping alone any more,so Jennet Said laughingly,“April Fool!” 10. __________


I was anxiously expected your letter,and at last __________

it has been reached me.I am very glad to know that __________

everyone at home is enjoying good health as usually.__________

Things here are the same now as we were before.__________

The final examination will take place of next week.__________

But I am now busy preparing my lessons.It’s nice to __________

think that the summer vacation is coming near.I can’t __________

say much I want to see you all again.__________

Looking forward to spend summer days with you.__________

Give my 1ove to Father,mother and anyone at home __________


I live in a small town in the south.This is typical __________

Chinese town.There are not only two main streets __________

which across in the middle of the town.Around the __________

town stand a high wall,which was built 1ong ago __________

and it is still possibly to walk along it.No motorcars __________

allowed in the business streets,which makes shopping __________

very easier and safer.On warm days some small __________

restaurants put table and chairs outside the houses to __________

let people to take a rest and have some tea or ice-cream __________

There are no tall buildings but some beautiful parks.__________


Helen is one of my best friends.She had taught __________

us English when I attended training course two __________

years before.Helen always made good preparations __________

for the lessons,she tried her best to make her __________

classes lively.I used to being poor in English,__________

especially in written English.But now I’m able __________

to write English letters and reports correct.__________

I still remember how she helped me for my __________

English patiently.Teachers’ Day’s come.I’m going to __________

send to her a card and give her best wishes.__________


It was fine yesterday. The sun was shining in the

sky. I went boating by myself. I didn’t take many 1.__________

friends with me because I wanted to row alone. 2.__________

I hired a boat and rowed slowly to the center of lake. 3.__________

A fresh breeze was blowing, fish was swimming and birds 4.__________

were singing. When I reached the center, I took up the 5.__________

paddles(槳)and lie down in the boat. With the blue sky 6.__________

over me or green water around me I was extremely 7.__________

relaxed. Over about two hours passed in this way before I 8.__________

knew them. I came back home very late. I didn’t feel 9.__________

tiring at all, for I had really had a good time. 10.__________


I worried about the missed bag all the evening. 1.__________

I tried to remember exact what I had done from the 2.__________

time I left the store until at the time I got home. I 3.__________

remembered whether I had looked at the bag while I 4.__________

was having lunch. So I must have it when I left the 5.__________

store. I remembered showing it to a friend on the bus. 6.__________

But I had the bag then. I came directly from the bus 7.__________

to my house, and I must have forgotten it on the bus. I 8.__________

was in hurry to get off and forgot to check the packages 9.__________

lying on the floor. I should be much careful next time. 10.__________


When Billy was very small ,he loved pictures .His mother often 1.__________

drew some to him on old pieces of paper. She was very 2.__________

bad at drawing ,and Billy enjoyed her pictures and always 3.__________

wanted more. Then when he was a little old ,Billy was 4.__________

given some picture and a drawing book ,and began drawing, too, 5.__________

but they were never good .One day he was tried to draw a picture of 6.__________

his father ,He drew lines and rub them out .About ten minutes later, 7.__________

when he looked at his picture ,he was not unhappy . “Well,” 8.__________

he said to his mother . “I will put a tail on it ,make it 9.__________

a monkey.” Heard this ,his mother couldn’t help laughing. 10.__________


Around in the world more and more people are 1.__________

taken part in dangerous sports and activities . Of 2.__________

course , there have always been people have looked 3.__________

for adventure . They look for an immediately pleasure 4.__________

from a dangerous activity what may last only a few 5.__________

minutes or even second . Bungee jumping is considered 6.__________

a good example of such a activity . You jump from a 7.__________

high place of 200 meters above the ground with a rope 8.__________

tied to your ankles . You fall at up to 150 kilometers 9.__________

an hour until the rope stops you hit the ground . 10.__________


Rowena and Billy Wrangler are model high school

students . They study hard . They do extreme well on 1.__________

achievement tests . And next year , Rowena will attending 2.__________

Harvard University . Billy , her younger brother , hope to go 3.__________

to Cornell . That makes Rowena and Billy different from 4.__________

most students is that they don’t go to school . In fact , 5.__________

they’ve never been to school . Since a kindergarten , they 6.__________

have studied at home . Neither Rowena or Billy feels as if 7.__________

they have missed out on nothing by being taught at home . 8.___________

As many of the more than one million people who receive 9.___________

home schooling in the United States , they feel if they 10.___________

have gotten a good education .


I’ve been to China for two years. My friends in 1.

England sometimes write to me, ask me how long I’ll 2. ___________

stay here, and when I’m thinking up returning home. 3. ___________

The answer of their questions is simple: I do not 4. ___________

know when I return home. At the moment, I 5. ___________

have no reason to return back to England. I like living in 6. ___________

China; I enjoy meeting Chinese people and travel 7. ___________.

around country. My work is very interesting, 8. ___________

and there are so many things I don’t know about 9. ___________

China that I hope to discover it in the future. 10. ___________


Dear Bob,

I must say that I do agree with you. Though you find 1.__________

something, but it doesn’t mean it belongs to you. If you 2.__________

can find who it belongs to, you should try to return back 3.__________

it. I’m sure you would want someone to do same for 4.__________

you. Once I found a beautiful picture. I wanted to keep 5.__________

it. Then I remembered see one just like it in an office. 6.__________

I went to the office and found the person to who it 7.__________

belonged. The lady was very happy to get back and 8.__________

gave me delicious apples. So you see, Bob, I get two 9.__________

rewards: one I could eat and another I could keep in 10.__________

my heart.


Li Ming


I received your letter was dated April l6 the day 1.__________

before yesterday . All of our family greatly delighted to 2.__________

learn how you are getting along very well with your 3.__________

lessons . Time passes quickly . After dozens of days, you’ll 4.__________

finish the middle school . What pleases us most is that you 5.__________

do very well to make up your mind to enter for the college 6.__________

entrance examination this summer .What wonderful it is ! 7.__________

Dad , as well as Mom and I ,is with you . We wished 8.__________

you to make better use of your time . The full preparations 9.__________

you make , the surer of success you’ll certain be . 10.__________


A few months after returning the US from Germany , I took 1. __________

part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to 2. __________

speak German good in Germany, I thought that it might be 3. __________

interested to begin studying another language. At the first 4. __________

class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, 5. __________

in which he would say one word or two in French, and each 6. __________

student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he 7. __________

kept having me to say more words, and I finally asked him 8. __________

why. “I find it great funs. It’s the first time I’ve heard an 9. __________

American speak French with a German accent.”he explained it. 10. __________


We often think of insects as be harmful. 76. __________

This is partly true. Many insect are harmful 77. __________

Flies carry diseases. Others insects carry diseases, 78. __________

too. Farmers are at war with insects most 79. __________

the time. Hunger insects kill crops in the fields. 80. __________

Farmers spray the field get rid of these insects. 81. __________

Does this mean that all insects are harmful? No. 82. __________

Many are of great helpful to man. Bees make 83. __________

honey. With bees and other insects, many trees 84. __________

would have not fruit. Silkworms make silk. Some 85. __________

insects eat other insects that kill fruit trees.


I happened to meet some American tourists . I greeted to 1.__________

them in English and then we began to chat . I got know 2.__________

that they were college students travel in China . Most of 3.__________

them were fond of Chinese medicine . They are busy taking 4.__________

pictures and were much impressed with the changes that 5.__________

had been taken place in the past few years as well . After 6.__________

that , we went boating on a lake and having a good time . 7.__________

We exchanged our email address so that we could write to 8.__________

each other in future . They thanked us again and again . I 9.__________

was very glad to have a chance to practising my oral English . 10.__________

keys: (一)

1. 1. way--- way to 2. a---an 3. in the --- in

4. by--- take 5. look--- look at

2. 1. at table--- at the table 2. angrily--- angry

3. was---刪去 4. when--- why 5. this--- it

3. 1. first---at first 2. the--- a 3. surprised---surprise

3. such--- such a 5. with--- in

4. 1.receive--- receiving 2. through--- across 3. had--- with

4. accepted--- received 5. little--- a little

5. 1. in--- on 2. it--- them 3. had--- tried

4. cost--- is / expensive--- much 5. it--- it to


6. 1.in--- on 2. doesn’t --- didn’t 3. was --- / 4. 在badly前加too

5. himself ---- him

7. 1. worst--- the worst 2. can’t ---- couldn’t 3. near--- nearly

4. back --- / 5. thousands--- thousand

8. 1. has --- / 2. is---was 3. mine---me 4. said--- saying 5. angry---angrily

9. 1. thinks--- thought 2. √ 3.any---some 4. tooth---teeth 5.tell---to tell

10. 1. if --- whether 2. was --- were 3. very --- quite 4. walk--- walk on 5. √


11.rains---rain become----becomes after---before turned---turn more—much

12.to---to be capital---the capital a lot of---- a lot interesting---interested

fast ---soon

13.the one---the ones on---in city---cities most---more across-through

14.with---without to plant---plant many—much

to become---will become happy---happiness

15.slow---slowly because---so very---so was---\ appeared---disappear


16. science – scientist, takes – took, he – he was, that – /, into – in.

17. a – /, porridges – porridge, either – too, France – French, many – much.

18. such – so, useless – useful, matter – no matter, himself – themselves, the – /.

19. while – when, ask – asked, missed – missing, a – the, angry – angrily.

20. that – what, others – other, yes – no, do – am, nice – a nice.



1.husband→husband’s 2.for→after 3.thing→things 4.the→a 5.are→were 6.while→when 7.that→who 8.√ 9.去掉again 10.like前加would


1.world前加the 2.shares→share 3.difference→different 4.and→but 5.building→building 6.serve后加as 7.√ 8.needed→need 9.to→for 10.it→there


1.that→it 2.the前加of或去掉the 3.particularly→particular 4.from去掉5.√ 6.month→months 7.child前加a 8.teaching→taught 9.with→Without 10.him→himself


1.trying→try或去掉and 2.in→by 3.form后加 the/a 4.去掉the 5.I后加have 6.speakig→spoken 7.√8.best后加to 9.me→myself 10.why→how


1.pleased后加was 2.√ 3.and→but 4.week→weeks 5.badly→bad 6.am→wer 7.Its→It’s 8.去掉第二個to 9.decided→decide 10.get→getting


1.a wonderful news→wonderful news 2.have offered→have been offered 3.exam→exams或在exam前加the 4.Therefore→However 5.strong→strongly 6.too→so 7.afraid of→afraid(that)8.1ive→living 9.√ 10.fact→fact that


1.See∧a 2.she→who 3.walking→walked 4.go→going 5.change→changes 6.√7.去掉however 8.from→of 9.practise→practiced或practiced lO.Would∧not或would→wouldn’t或able→unable


1.breakfast→supper或dinner 2.waiting后加for 3.去掉back 4.are→were或去are 5.what was→what had 6.the→a 7.pushing→pushed 8.police→policeman 9.√ 10.so→but


1.expected→expecting 2.去掉been 3.usually→usual 4.we→they 5.去掉of 6.But→So/And 7.√8.much前加how 9.spend→spending 10.anyone→everyone


1.is后加→a 2.去掉not 3.across→cross 4.stand→stands 5.possibly→possible 6.后加allowed are 7.very→much 8.table→tables 9.去掉to 10.√


1. 去掉had 2.training前加a 3.before→ago 4.she 前加and 5.being→be 6.√7.correct→correctly 8.for→with 9.come→coming 10.去掉to


1. many→any 2. row→be 3. Lake前加the 4. 第二個was→were

5. √ 6. lie→lay 7. or→and 8. 去掉about

9. them→it 10. tiring→tired


1. missed→missing 2. exact→exactly 3. 去掉at 4. whether→that

5. have后加had 6. √ 7. But→So 8. forgotten→left

9. much后加a 10. much→more


1. √ 2. to→for 3. and→but 4. old→older

5. picture→pictures 6. 去掉was或tried→trying 7. rub→rubbed

8. 去掉not或unhappy→happy 9. make前加and 或make→making

10. Heard→Hearing


1. 去掉in 2. taken→taking 3.people 后加who 4.immediately→immediate

5. what→that/ which 6. second→seconds 7. such a→such an 8. place 后去掉of

9. √ 10. hit→hitting


1. extreme→extremely 2. will后加be或attending→attend 3. hope→hopes

4. That→What 5. √ 6. kindergarten前去掉a 7.or→nor

8. nothing→anything 9. As→Like 10. if→as if


1. to→in 2 . ask→asking 3. up→of或about 4. of→to

5. return前加will 6. return后去掉back或return→go 7. travel→traveling

8. around后加the 9. √ 10. it→them


1. do→don’t 或者agree→disagree 2. 去掉but 3. 去掉back

4. do后加the 5. √ 6. see→seeing 7. who→whom

8. get后加it 9. get→got 10. another→one


1. which前加that或去掉was 2. greatly前加are 3. 去掉how 4. After→In

5. 去掉the 6. √ 7. what→how 8. wished→wish

9. full→fuller 10. certain→certainly


1. returning 后加to 2. have→had 3. good→well 4. interested→interesting

5. √ 6.one→a 7. their→his 8. 去掉to

9. funs→fun 10. 去掉it


1. be→being或去掉as 2. insect→insects 3. Others→Other 4. most后加of

5. Hunger→Hungry 6. get rid of前加to 7. √ 8. helpful→help

9. With→Without 10. not→no


1. greeted后去掉to 2. got后加to 3. travel→travelling 4. are→were

5. √ 6. 去掉been 7. having→had 8. address→addresses

9. us→me 10. practising→practise